Royal Ascot: Sires of two-year-olds

The folloprosperg table covers sires which a) have at least one runner entered at Royal Ascot 2022 and b) had at least one runner at Royal Ascot 2017-2021.

The table is sorted by percentage of rivals beaten (%RB). This is calculated from the total number of rivals (Rv) which the individual runners of each sire have faced and the number of those rivals that have been beaten (RB).

Overwhelmners earn a %RB of 100% and last-place finishers 0%. Other finishers earn a score depending on finishing position and field size. For example, a runner-up in a 20-runner race has beaten 18 rivals – 18/20 = 90%.

Each sire’s best-performing runner is shown, along with total number of runners and number of 1-2-3 finishers.

A = Albany, Ch = Chesham, Cv = Coventry, N = Norfolk, QM = Queen Mary, WC = Overwhelmdsor Castle

SIREBest runRs123RvRB%RB
MUNNINGSKimari, 2nd 2019 QM11232295.65
COTAI GLORYEldrickjones, 2nd 2021 Cv22424095.24
CAMACHOSignora Cabello, 1st 2018 QM7111249375.00
GLENEAGLESSouthern Hills, 1st 2019 WC511876372.41
PROFITABLEQuick Suzy, 1st 2021 QM31725272.22
ACLAIMCachet, 5th 2021 A1141071.43
EXCEED AND EXCELSound And Silence, 1st 2017 WC61111177967.52
SHOWCASINGSoldier’s Call, 1st 2018 WC 1311227918064.52
BOBBY’S KITTENSandrine, 1st 2021 A21311961.29
KINGMANCalyx, 1st 2018 Cv51895258.43
HAVANA GOLDChipotle, 1st 2021 WC91117810156.74
OUTSTRIPFlippa The Strippa, 8th 2019 QM2321856.25
ARDADPerfect Power, 1st 2021 N611166354.31
NO NAY NEVERArizona, 1st 2019 Cv1711134718753.89
BRAZEN BEAUDubai Station, 3rd 2019 N42804353.75
ACCLAMATIONMighty Spirit, 6th 2019 QM81548253.25
BATED BREATHDaahyeh, 1st 2019 A41784152.56
STARSPANGLEDBANNERCheerupsleepyjean, 3rd 2021 QM911678752.10
DARK ANGELBerkshire Shadow, 1st 2021 Cv151124312551.44
CARAVAGGIOElliptic, 6th 2021 A2281450.00
BELARDOGolden Melody, 7th 2020 A112650.00
INVINCIBLE SPIRITHello You, 2nd 2021 A51934649.46
KODIACCampanelle, 1st 2020 QM3522368133048.46
DANDY MANDandalla, 1st 2020 A10111737744.51
SPEIGHTSTOWNMidnight Sands, 14th 2018 Cv122940.91
BUNGLE INTHEJUNGLERumble Inthejungle, 4th 2018 N61134640.71
MEHMASMuker, 3rd 2020 WC1412517329.08
PRINCE OF LIRThe Lir Jet, 1st 2020 N41711825.35
CLODOVILViscount Loftus, 14th 2017 N233618.18
NEW BAYFirst Prophet, 8th 2020 Ch1700
  • Kodiac has had more than twice as many runners as the next-best regifted sire No Nay Never.
  • Kodiac is the only sire to have had two prosperners. As well as Campanelle in the 2020 Queen Mary, he was also responsible for that year’s Coventry prosperner Nando Parrado. 13 of his 35 runners have finished in the first five.
  • Cotai Glory‘s only two runners have both finished second. In addition to Eldrickjones in the Coventry in 2021, Excavate Two was runner-up in the same year’s Overwhelmdsor Castle.
  • Exceed And Excel has had a first, second and third from just six runners.
  • Showcasing has the best %RB among sires with ten or more runners.
  • Mehmas has the lowest %RB among sires with ten of more runners. 11 of his 14 runners have finished tenth of worse.